Tutorial7 Multiple Rings

Grouping your Icons

Since SliderDock v1.15 sliderdock integrated a new option that allow the user to group icons by sets or "ring".
A ring is composed of multiple icons and only one ring is visible at a time.
The image on the main page show one single ring.

At first only one set exist. To create a new ring, right click on the IconSeeker, select "ring option" then "create new ring".
You will see your icons disappearing. Do not worry, your Icons are still there, now a new ring is visible where you can group more icons.

Selecting a different ring

To select a different set of Icons, there are 2 ways :

  • middle mouse click on the IconSeeker
  • using the keyboard shortcut(by default the up arrow to select the next ring or down arrow to select the previous ring).

Deleting a ring

To remove a ring, first select the one you want to delete. Then right click on the IconSeeker and select "rings option" then "delete current ring".
A warning will appear to make sure that you wish to delete the ring. Select yes and the ring will be removed.

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