Tutorial3 Portable Mode

Since version R10 Sliderdock support portable mode.

what is portable mode

portable mode allow you to run SliderDock without writing information on the computer.(except within SliderDock folder if found on it)
This allow SliderDock to run on computer which have limited permission or to run it from memory stick on different computers(as long as .net 3.5 is installed).

In this mode, Sliderdock will save the settings within the SliderDock folder and will not need any file from other folders or create files anywhere else on the computer.
(with the exception of the option "Load SliderDock at startup" which create an entry in the registry, but in portable mode I think you shouldn't be using this option. Turning this option off will remove the entry from the registry if you switched it on).

how it works

To switch portable mode on, simply right click on the IconSeeker, select "dock settings" then in the general tab switch ""portable mode" on.
This will do 3 things :
1. change the path where the save files are saved from the Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings\Application Data\ SliderDock" to the folder where SliderDock.exe is found.
2. Save the config.xml and save.bin into the SliderDock folder
3. in the SD.ini switch isPortableModeActif to true

Warning : this last change will switch SliderDock to portable mode for all users

now you can copy the SliderDock folder on your memory stick you want.

an easier method for portable mode

You can also download the zip folder in the download section, it contains the same files as the setup + the SD.ini which contain the "isPortableModeActif" option already turned on.
The only thing you need to do is to unzip it.

Updates : since v1.15
If you have SliderDock on a memory stick in portable mode and your portable applications on the same drive, dragging some applications into SliderDock will give them a relative path.
So when plugging your memory stick in another computer, the memory stick might have a different drive letter but SliderDock will still be able to launch them.

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