Adding Icons :

This is the IconSeeker.
To add icons to the application, just drag and drop icons onto the IconSeeker.
SliderDock will create a shortcut to the file unless it is a shortcut too in which case it will look for it's target.
Do not delete the original file unless it is a shortcut too.

Selecting an icon

There is two ways to do so.

  • When your mouse is inside the IconSeeker, use your mouse wheel to select the next icon.
  • left Click on any icons and it will automatically rotate to the IconSeeker.

Running an application

  • You can double click in the IconSeeker.
  • Click on the middle mouse button when the mouse is within an icon.
  • Right click then select run : "application name"

Hide/Show SliderDock

You can do this by selecting hide/show in the right click menu, either on the IconSeeker or on the tray icon.
But there is a shortcut to it.
Simply press CTRL+space.

The icon settings

By right clicking on an icon and selecting Icon settings this windows appears:
Here you can change the icon name, target and by clicking on the icon picture you can also select a new picture for it.

Removing Icons

Simply right click and select remove icon

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