The next evolution of dock application launcher

SliderDock is an application launcher that will allow you to easily drag and drop icons
to access them later on by double clicking on them.
It is a unique dock where you won't have to chase behind you icons to run an application.
Just rotate your mouse wheel and let the icons come to you.
It will be a nice customization that will add some life to your desktop.


The look and feel is very flexible

SliderDock is highly customizable, from the dock and icons size, to the looks of all the dock's images
passing by the keyboard keys used to control SliderDock.
Everything can be changed by the user.

The icons themselves can be changed to any other icons or even other types of images files
like "jpeg", "png" and "gif" that possesses higher quality.

Mouse or keyboard, you choose

SliderDock's icons can easily be accessed in different manners depending of your preferences,
either by using the mouse or the keyboard shortcut keys.

SliderDock is not intrusive

When SliderDock is not needed, you can easily hide it with an easy and customizable shortcut key.
If you wish to make it reappear, simply press the same keys once again.
SliderDock will also automatically hide itself when you launch an application giving the application the focus
so it doesn't interrupt your work flow.
At last an application launcher that doesn't hide your browser's sidebar.

Support Windows XP Vista and 7

SliderDock works even on the latest microsoft OS : "windows 7".

each user have their own dock setup.

SliderDock save for different user their own icons set and their choice for the dock customization
independently to other users.

intelligent memory management

When in use, SliderDock will use the resources needed to give the user a fluid and responsive experience,
but when hidden, the memory will be freed to keep memory usage to a minimum.

  • Simple drag and drop function to add an icon
  • quickly launch an application
  • use the mouse wheel to let the icons come to you
  • multiple rings to allow you to group the icons any way you wish
  • smooth animations during icons rotation
  • support drag and drop of virtual folder such as "my computer" and "recycle bin"
  • Highlight effect around selected icon
  • customizable icons(compatible with objectdock and rocketdock icons)
  • Hide/Unhide application with the use of a shortcut key
  • Possibility to control the dock with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Different set of icons and configuration for each user.
  • Reordering icons through simple drag and drop feature.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Shader Effects when the mouse enter an icon.
  • low memory footprint when hidden
  • advance portable mode included.
  • easy to use.
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