When I run SliderDock it immediately close without running.

This happen when you don't have installed the .net framework 3.5.
Please download it here : http://www.microsoft.com/net/Download.aspx

windows 7 comes with the .net framework 3.5 by default, so you don't need to download it, only to activate it in the "Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off".
For Vista, you might also need to activate it the same way as in windows 7.


On 64bits version of windows, SliderDock crash if it is installed in "C:\Program Files(x86)" folder.
Please change the installation path to another folder(for example "C:\SliderDock" or "C:\Program Files\SliderDock")

During the installation, I get an error message saying that a file cannot be overwritten because it is in use or I get a "DeleteFile failed; code 5" error message.

These error occur when installing a new version while SliderDock is still running in the background.
Please close SliderDock before running the setup file again.

I cannot launch one of my application when I double click on it.

This occurs when an application is not accessible.
It could be moved, deleted or many other reasons, but the path to the application now target a missing file therefore will launch nothing.
SliderDock doesn't delete, duplicate or manipulate your files so if you manually deleted them, SliderDock cannot recover them.

Some rare application do takes time to launch however. So if you are sure that the path is correct, please wait around 20 second max to see if it does launch.

This application is causing my computer to behave strangely.

I found on youtube and on forums users distributing SliderDock through rapidshare, megaupload and other file sharing websites.
Those links are not safe as it is not possible to know what those users did with the files before posting them online.

Please download SliderDock here as it is 100% clean.

There is no uninstaller with SliderDock, how do I uninstall it

I recently found that download.com removed the uninstall shortcuts from the setup file, leaving the user unable to remove the application.
I have now changed the download link to the setup file hosted on this website(this setup does include an uninstall icon in the start menu and in the "program and feature").

Otherwise if you have the download.com setup and since it didn't add those icons, first right click on SliderDock IconSeeker and uncheck "Load SliderDock at Startup" then close SliderDock and go to SliderDock folder(should be c:/program files/SliderDock by default) then just delete it.

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