Change Log

SliderDock 1.22

  • fix drag and drop not accepted on some computers.
  • fix mouse wheel activate shortcut when shortcut key is none.
  • get startIn path when dropping an exe file
  • added icon information display on the description box
  • grey out the run at startup option when portable mode is activated.
  • added Version system to the config file.
  • changed the topmost checkbox to a multi choice option.

SliderDock v1.21

  • added "start in :" option in the icon settings window
  • improve mouse and keyboard hook.
  • added mouse buttons to shortcut option
  • added menu item "add blank icon"
  • added ctrl + mousewheel to the internal commands to change rings.
  • fix crash due to an invalid target when pressing the target button in the icon settings.
  • added support to drag and drop from the browser address bar into SliderDock
  • added menu item "add link to SliderDock website"

SliderDock v1.20

  • fix bug where shortcut for selecting previous/next ring doesn't work anymore.

SliderDock v1.19

  • In "Icon settings" menu, pressing the target "browse" button open the app installaion path by default
  • extend support for high res icons to support system icons when using ctrl+drag
  • add the ability to create an icon from url that was dropped from the internet browser.
  • added default icons that are loaded for new users or when save file is corrupted.
  • fix bug where SliderDock would need admin right during the update check otherwise it would crash.
  • uninstaller now remove data folder and completly remove SliderDock's install folder if it is empty.
  • added new option to reverse the mouse wheel rotation.

SliderDock v1.18

  • Fix bug where SliderDock doesn't show itself automatically when the option "hide SliderDock at launch" is unchecked

SliderDock v1.17

  • added an option to control the rotation animation quality
  • added ghost image during drag operation
  • fix bug where deleting the last remaining ring would crash the application
  • added name to each ring.
  • added name animation appearing in the middle of the ring when switching ring
  • added to the right click menu the "select ring" sub menu.
  • added SliderDock version number written in the errorLog when an error occurs
  • In the dock option, rename the "theme" tab to "appearance".
  • Fix bug where the description box would appear more to the left
  • added help option which open the tutorial page of SliderDock's website
  • added font selection for the description box and the tooltip text.
  • improved menu system.
  • remove icon from the icons' tootip.
  • added "center to screen" option to tray icon.
  • set drag icon to forbidden when icon doesn't accept drop.
  • added windows button to the keyboard shortcut.
  • Dropping an icon on another icon will now move the dragged icon instead of switching 2 icons.
  • added lock position option to the right click menu.
  • added "automatically check for update" option

SliderDock v1.16

  • fix bug where save path return wrong folder path, which in turn give an error while loading or saving.

SliderDock v1.15

  • added relative path for icon's target.
  • improved installation setup. It will now check if .net is found in the computer and download it if it's missing.
  • improved the uninstall setup which now remove the registry entry for starting SliderDock with window.
  • improved support for virtual folder even further. Now all virtual folder should work.
  • added support for microsoft special shortcut(ex: MS office shortcut).
  • added support for shortcut which have a virtual folder as a target.
  • improved mouse event so that using the mouse wheel to rotate the icons will not affect other application anymore.
  • change versioning system for update support.
  • added check update button in the "About SliderDock" window.
  • added multiple rings support.
  • adding an icon to a ring will now make it appear within the IconSeeker next to the current selected icon.
  • improved icon saving method to stop the image quality from degrading each time it's loaded.
  • Changed saving path to Data folder(for the SD.ini and when in portable mode for the files config.xml and save.bin)
  • ErrorLog will now also appear in the Data folder.
  • Remove the dependancy to Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll and also remove the file from the setup.
  • removed support for virtual desktop because SliderDock freeze after launching some specific fullscreen app.
  • slightly slow down the rotation with the mouse wheel depending of the icon distance to the IconSeeker to increase the feeling of smooth transition.

SliderDock R14

  • Fix bug on vista/7 where SliderDock would be centered and it would be impossible to move it if the user drag the application on any side of the screen to make it grow.
  • Added supports to more virtual folder. Now most control panel icons works.
  • added Shader effects when mouse enter icon.
  • improved rotation speed with keyboard keys
  • reorganize the tab index order for the "icon settings" window.
  • pressing enter in "icon settings" window will now close it and save the settings.
  • Fix an error that can occcurs while retrieving a background icon path.
  • Stop keyboard shortcut response when "icon settings" or dock settings" windows are open.
  • Fix : icons being cut out on the side when the ring size is big on some screen which have a different dpi.
  • added different events option when SliderDock unhide
  • added more images for the icon background
  • Fix a bug where the window was updating twice.
  • Removed sounds file and clean up the code.
  • Added : SliderDock hides from virtual desktop application so they can't affect it anymore.

SliderDock R13

  • Fix bug where the relative icon background path would return a wrong file address during windows boot.

SliderDock R12

  • Fix a bug caused by absolute path.

SliderDock R11

  • Fix a bug on xp caused by relative path.

SliderDock R10

  • Support for unhandled error.(This should write all errors into the errorlog file)
  • fix : now SliderDock should not be affected by the "desktop360" application.
  • fix : SliderDock stop registering an error if the config file doesn't exist.
  • change mouse when dragging data to show if data is supported or not
  • fix : each user can have one instance running.
  • added relatif path support for images
  • added support to .URL file. (Now SliderDock target the actual website address rather than the shortcut file on your computer)
  • added different status for the description box
  • Disable sound effects(because on some computer, it cause the application to crash randomly when switched on)
  • added portable mode

SliderDock R9

  • Improved memory usage (In overall, I noticed SliderDock use half the memory when it is visible, but when hidden, it can go as low as 1MB)
  • SliderDock will not auto-hide if application isn't found.
  • add option to set if SliderDock will load itself in "bellow normal" priority

SliderDock R8

  • fix support for unicode path.
  • fix : retrieve shortcut arguments when a shortcut is dropped onto SliderDock

SliderDock R7

  • fix bug on vista with sound crashing the application.
  • the "rotation speed" option only affects the shortcuts keys now.
  • added a button in "icon settings" to open the folder where an icon's target point to. (this will automatically save any change done on the icon's properties)
  • disable tooltip during rotation for better animation.
  • set the process priority to bellowNormal when the application load. (this should help windows load more important processes first at windows start-up therefore load windows faster)
  • If an error related to sound happen, it will now appear in the error log file.
  • fix swapping icons position doesn't copy icons' arguments
  • added support for dragging special folder such as "my computer", "recycle bin" and "my document"

SliderDock R6

  • improved mousewheel rotation
  • added arguments support for icons

SliderDock R5

  • Fix : break reference link from image files used.
  • fix retrieval of gif images.
  • Fix : resizing ring doesn't cut of Icons on monitor with high dpi.
  • added "about" option on IconSeeker right click menu
  • added sound effects
  • added more images for customization theme.

SliderDock R4

  • remove application from the alt+tab window

SliderDock R3

  • some performance improvement.
  • Fixed UI freezing bug after a fullscreen app was launched.
  • fixed application launched as fullscreen take over the taskbar area.
  • Limit icon size in memory when importing a big image, also this make it much faster to remove an icon that use a custom image.
  • Added support for Unicode symbol in icons name.
  • Added support for retrieving folder icons
  • Fix some slow downs at launch
  • Added always on top option
  • give focus to launched application when using the keyboard shortcut to launch it
  • Added close option to IconSeeker right click menu
  • added option to change the color of the text in the description box

SliderDock R2.1

  • Fixed a bug where applications cannot be launch if autohide is selected.

SliderDock R2

  • Fix bug when application is launch for the first time, the user right click on the IconSeeker and the options :"icon setting" and "remove icon:" are shown even though there are no icons.
  • added errorLog file
  • added menu to customize SliderDock
  • SliderDock becomes invisible when launching an application.
  • moved save file to "user/application data" so that each user can have different icons.
  • created a configuration file to save application option.
  • drag and drop feature to switch icons position.
  • saving application position on screen
  • added menu to customize application
  • added custom keyboard Shortcut
  • added option to hide the application when starting
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